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“Towards Precision Pediatrics: Advancements in Diagnosing and Monitoring Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension" 20 March 2024 17:00-18:30 CET In collaboration with ERN-Lung Moderators: Rolf M.F. Berger, Groningen, The Netherlands (r.m.f.berger@umcg.nl) Damien Bonnet, Paris, France (damien.bonnet1@gmail.com) Maurice Beghetti, Geneva, Switzerland (maurice.beghetti@hcuge.ch) Presentation (Julie Wacker; julie.wacker@hcuge.ch) (25 minutes) “The importance of accurate diagnosing and phenotyping children with pulmonary hypertension”. Message: 1) the importance of adequate diagnostic work up in children with PH (different PH-types: different pathophysiology, different natural course, different treatment; e.g. HPAH, PAH-CHD, portopulmonary hypertension, neonatal PH, developmental lung disease, pulm venous stenosis etc) 2) But also the importance of “deep phenotyping”: look for (and describe) associated co-morbidities, respiratory factors, genetic anomalies etc ; e.g TBX4 mutations. Case presentation (Julien Grynblat; julien.grynblat@inserm.fr) (15-20 minutes) “Do we need invasive hemodynamics to not only diagnose but also monitor children with PAH during follow up?” Presentation of a case that illustrates the sense and nonsense of invasive hemodynamiscs in monitoring pediatric pulmonary arterial hypertension during follow up” Presentation (Menno Douwes; j.m.douwes@umcg.nl) (25 minutes) “Individual tailoring of treatment strategies in children with PAH” Message: 1) the importance of risk-stratification and serial re-assessment, 2) how to do this in children? current thoughts on risk factors, the use of risk scores and treatment algorithms in pediatric PAH; genetics in risk stratification? (may reflect on case presentation) Discussion ( +/- 20 minutes)

  • Date : 20/03/2024 17:00 - 20/03/2024 18:00
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